Our People

We are made of non-judgemental, healthy and easy-going individuals who believe yoga is a daily practice. The best part is we do it together, as a team, as a community, as a family. #hotfam #hotstaff

Hot Staffs


Ashtanga + Hot Yoga

The Flexible Athlete

What can you expect in Adelina’s classes?

My classes are energetic with a mix of pace & movements laced with opportunities to build strength & flexibility, which sometimes comes with bad jokes – something we all need to lighten the mood on a Monday evening


Pilates + Strength Training

Bubbly Gal Next Door

What can you expect in Nadia’s classes?

Students can expect to get a full body workout with various types of tools such as dumbbells, resistant bands or the magic circle while slow RnB and instrumental beats playing the background.


Vinyasa Yoga

Cool, Calm, Collected

What can you expect in Jen’s classes?

You can expect functional classes with a purpose that will work different parts of your body each week accompanied by carefully curated music. My classes are suitable for all levels, just come with an open mind.


Bikram Yoga + Pranic Healing

Yogi Traveller

What can you expect in Inti’s classes?

Teaching crossed my path for a reason, I won’t change you, but I will inspire you to seek change and transformation. My goal in my class is to make you remember who you are, how you are and how far you can go through movement, breath and awareness.


Kids Yoga

Energetic Yogi Mom

What can you expect in Grace’s classes?

Little yogis can expect much creativity & involvement in my class. Nothing stays the same everyday, so why should our movement practice be? Just be present, here & now with your mind, body & soul in one place.


Strala Yoga

Enlightened & Inspiring

What can you expect in Grace’s classes?

I believe that selfcare is a state of mind, allow and trust that all is for the better. Most importantly, connect with how you feel, and move how it feels good. That itself will expand your limits and crack you wide open.


Vinyasa + Power Yoga

Exuberant Ray of Warmth

What can you expect in Fern’s classes?

Students should expect a flow that emphasizes breath and strength, fluidity and endurance. In my classes you listen to your breath and concentrate on your moves. No distractions.


Vinyasa + Yin Yoga

Chill & Musically Inclined

What can you expect in Debbie’s classes?

Just vibe with the movements & music. Forget about how the pose looks but rather focus on how it makes you feel. With my movements it’s all about staying fluid and challenging yourself into new and interesting variations.


Vinyasa + Power Yoga

Master or Arm Balances & Inversion

What can you expect in Billy’s classes?

I love to choreograph my class and make my Vinyasa different and interesting every week with modern beat, buddha bar, exotic music to match my flow. Remember to always listen to your body and recognizing your weakness to be able to progress & improve


Yin Yoga + Meditation

Spiritual & Uplifting

What can you expect in Raisa’s classes?

Every class starts with a positive affirmation and ends with brief breathwork (pranayama) but the asanas always differ. The focus of every class is to connect to your body, to use the practice to understand your mind and to remember just how strong you really are by waking up your core. Most importantly, though, it’s about experimenting and having fun!