Bookings & Waitlist

Once you have purchased a package, click on “Book A Class” on the Menu Bar. The schedule will be available to book a class. Select the class you want to book for

You can book for as many classes as you like, as long as you have enough credits

Walk-ins are accepted, but not recommended. Anyone who participates in any of our classes is required to have an account with us, even walk-ins are required to create their own accounts and make payment upon arrival at the studio. Save the hassle and avoid disappointment by pre-booking your classes online

1 account permits only 1 booking per class

Why can’t I book a class even though I just bought a package? There might be several reasons behind this:
1 – Please ensure that your package is eligible to book for the selected class
2 – Your package activation date might be set to start later. Your package is set to activate upon the date of the first class booked for. If you would like your package activation date to be reset, contact our studio and we will be able to help

You can book anytime the schedule is live and available, for classes up to a week in advance
If a class is full, you can opt to be added onto the Waitlist. You would have to ensure you have sufficient credits, as the system would automatically add you into the class once a spot becomes available. You will get a confirmation email once you secure a spot. If a spot doesn’t open up, no credits are deducted
If you walk-in without prior booking, classes might already be fully booked. However, if there are any no shows or late arrivals, we will be able to slot you in, provided you have sufficient credits